Monday, October 27, 2003

Ghosts & Goblins Need Love Too

October 27, 2003 - Monday

Ghosts & Goblins need love too!

Fuck Christmas.

Okay that was harsh, but that got your attention right? Check it. I'm Hallow's shopping with a friend and we pass this store - CVS, whatever, some discount place - and there are Xmas trees in the window.

I know I should be used to this shit, it happens every year. But fuck man, give a holiday a little respect! Can we at least get past Halloween FIRST before you throw out the pagan winter celebration, I mean "Christmas", decorations? When, exactly, did Halloween become this fly-by-night (no pun intended) "let's just get this over with" holiday?

Since I'm ranting, what's up with all you Hallow-hating peeps anyway? Are you really that insecure and afraid of looking uncool that you think Halloween is just a day for kids? What, you still associate it with playing dress-up as a tot, and gods forbid you do something so childish?

Well fuck you then. If you've got that stick so far up your ass that you can't let loose for one day a year, then I really feel sorry for your kids. And mine, because they'll have to deal with your uptight little nazi soldiers on a daily basis.

Halloween is about having fun, about letting your hair down and being something else for a change. It's about letting the wild child inside of you come out to play - just for a night. Be daring, be sexy, be cool, be a fool - be anything you want, man, it's fucking HALLOWEEN! It's your chance to play like you're a kid again, no repercussions! For one night it's okay to dress like a clown, to be that superhero you always wanted to be, to dress like a hooker and laugh about it. You can be loud, you can be colorful, you can be electric! Shock the world, baby, and the world will laugh right along with you!

And the next day you can go back to your Pleasantville existance, living a black and white life while dreaming in vivid technicolor.

For those of you who "get it" - bravo. For those of you who bolt your doors on October 31st and frown your nose up at the revelers outside - kiss my spandex-wearing ass.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I Need A Subject, Too?!

I need a subject too?!

Damn this myspace crap, now I'm feeling all guilty cuz everytime I log on (granted I should be working right now, but fuck you) I get this "you haven't filled out a journal" message. Annoying biatch.

So whatever, I'm now another drone in the blorg-world hive. Lucky me. Or is it lucky you? I don't have shit to say right now, but if it'll get rid of that stupid message on my home page I'll gladly fill this white space with so much rambling ink it'll look like downtown LA after the Rodney King verdict!

Okay that was wrong. But so what, I'm from Crooklyn so I could give a rat's ass about the west siiiiide.

Speaking of the East kicking ass, I can't wait to watch my Yanks fry up some fish tonight! The Moose is loose and Beckett's gonna cry wee-wee-wee all the way back home. Best line I heard was on Z100 today: "Pretty soon the Marlins are gonna be sleeping with the rest of the fishes!" Hah! That's good funny shit.

Reminds me of years, years, years ago when Marvelous Marvin Hagler (you're STILL the best ever, man!) kicked Tommy Hearn's ass all over the ring. There was a pizza commercial; I think it was Pizza Hut, but who gives a fuck - it's got nothing to do with this story. He's there just eating the pizza, munch munch crunch crunch, not saying a word, no fancy stuff, plain background, he's in a tux; this goes on for, what, 15 seconds or so? Nothing but him eating.

Finally he's almost finished chewing, looks up at the camera while wiping his mouth, and goes: "I wonder what what's-his-name is doing right now?"

Chuckle. Chews some more. Winks at the camera.

"Probably eating soup."

Hope the Marlins like vegetable beef.