Friday, August 06, 2004

The Great Blasphemy

August 6, 2004 - Friday

The Great Blasphemy

I've had, for some time now, a novel in my head; it was in hibernation for a while, probably while I worked out my life, but now it's come back to the fore with a vengence. I'm in "I need to write" mode, and that's a good thing; I miss writing, it's been way too long. It's a story in an SF setting - and that's Science Friggin' Fiction, not this new "speculative fiction" they're calling the genre now. Based on the so-called Great Book, with my trademark twists and turns.

Every writer wants to write their version of the Great American Novel, the one book that will make their name a literary household word. I suppose I'm no exception. Except. Because I have to be the exception while not being an exception. Except I don't want to define a genre, I want to see picket lines outside the stores selling my books as the Xtian Right declare me a heathen of the highest order, and decry my book as a tool of the Adversary.

Hence, the Great Blasphemy.

Wish me luck!