Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Snuggies Attack

As if the horrific Snuggie, the mutated backwards robe-blanket, wasn't enough...now they're peddling this Baby Bjorn-like version for new moms.

Dubbed the Peekaru (peekaboo? pikachu?), this garment? sling? will ensure that your child will be emotionally scarred from a very, very young age. Imagine the happy family at the older child's baseball game, watching from the bleachers all warm and cozy in their bright, neon-colored Snuggies...and Junior, tucked away against his mother's stomach grinning like a madman from his hidey-hole.

Am I the only one who sees this, and is reminded of the creatures emerging from a torso in the movie Aliens?

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1 comment:

Cazmia said...

Actually, I'm getting a Teletubby vibe. Don't ask me why.

Have you ever seen a pregnant Teletubby? Aren't they marsupials?

** shrugs **